Automated mine detection,
giving people back their life.
A unique method, saving peoples life.

A breakthrough necessity to give people back their safe and sound living environment.

Our goal is to develop a drone based automated detection system for land mines. The system will combine state of the art technology of automated, low flying, collision avoiding drones with a digital metal detection, using heuristic, self learning algorithms. Instead of a human being with a hand-held detector the drone will be faster, safer and less costly.

Eliminate the

human factor

Accelerate detection

efficiency by using drones

Document mines/danger

on high accuracy

No lives

at risk

Give people back

their lives

Giving people back their lifes

Landmines take their toll on civilian lives each year again. The threat of mines has forced many people to leave their land/homes and their means of existence and this is still actual today


Although quite some initiatives have been taken place and quite some money has been spend to get rid of the left- behind landmines. Still the results are limited due to the quite difficult detection of the mines. Searching an area for mines with experts is dangerous and costly (average 1 euro per m2).


Our aim and mission is to provide a solution that is saver, cheaper, faster and more efficient with a drone based automated detection system.

The phases for developing and launching this drone are:


Proof of concept


Technical requirements & developments


Field testing and fine-tuning


Operational release and deployment

Our partners & developers

The companies we are partnering with in developing this product are each leader and expert in its field, and they support the Drones4Mines Foundation. Furthermore we maintain a close relationship with the EODD of the ministry of defence and the Dutch TNO institute.

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We need your support in order to provide solutions for a lot of people that will certainly deserve and appreciate a safe and sound living-environment. Please help us to develop this product.


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Automated mine detection by drones for humanitarian purposes

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